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Cuz It's always an awesome experience to be sandwiched between two divas - part 1

As promised we're back with fantastic group session clicks, which We did with our dearest couple friend last weekend.

Think of any of your best threesome experiences. The Three Stooges? Three has always been better than Two. Look at the excitement there. The eagerness in ladies to eat each other's pussies with lips and teeth deep inside each other.

And that incredible feeling of penetrating both of them turn by turn. At the same time, they lick each other in the 69 positions, especially when both of the ladies are open for literally anything in bed when any of them can put the bed on fire and melt even metal with their heat.

Yes, fellas, we felt that heavenly experience last weekend.

Sharing a few clicks here from the same encounter, more is on the way.

NOTE - Dates for upcoming travel plans are out.

19-22 April - Goa

Mid May - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. The meeting will be done only on pre-booking basis so please excuse us if Making an advance isn't your thing.

Keep loving and keep sharing-

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