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Cold doesn't exist, it's just absence of heat!

Updated: Jan 31

Similarly, boringness doesn't exist, and it's just a lake of fun and adventure in life.

And that's where swinging starts taking place in our lives. Swinging nothing but gives you ways to enjoy yourself with your loved one more than you can imagine. In this lifestyle, you may explore new things and new ways of having fun, and you trust your partner more than you did before. It builds trust between you and your better half, which an average couple can never create.

It allows you to explore more and more ways to explore your fantasies and dreams.

But you know what we're feeling nowadays.

Several years back, when we were new to this lifestyle, we decided to live this life completely differently, but till date, even after meeting so many people, enjoying every big and subtle moment we encountered on this platform. It seems we Indians forgot the true meaning of "swinging."

Most of us consider this lifestyle a medium to fuck another's partner and let your partner fuck others.

There are no fantasies, nothing new to explore, giving a weird reaction when we share our fantasies.

Come on, swingers, what happened to all those fantasies we used to discuss among groups on Fb and other platforms? What happened to new ideas? We're running out of new ideas for enjoying things. Come forward and help us guys.

Let me share an exciting thing,

Do you know what brought us to this lifestyle?

It was an idea to have sex among a few other couples in the same room while all of us were doing sex with changing partners randomly, one after the other, and at the same time watching others.

Would you believe this is yet to be done after so many years? We never find 5-to 6 Suitable, like-minded, decent fun-loving couples at the same time and place.

Not yet!

So come on, guys, wake up, share some fantastic ideas, and let's make them happen.

Be a swinger couple/stag, don't just be a pussy hunter.

Keep loving and keep sharing,

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1 Comment

Animesh S
Animesh S
Jun 07, 2022

Hey Kabeer! Your wife is so sexy.. love the way she carries herself and flaunts.

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