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Dare - A hotwife story!

Updated: Jan 31

For a very long time, she had a fantasy to experience something spontaneous and unplanned, something that she wouldn't know about until it happened.

In response to her desire, I decided to surprise her with an unforgettable experience. We had an old refrigerator at home that we no longer needed, so I reached out to a single friend of ours. Although she didn't know him at the time, I had met him through some mutual couple friends outside our place.

I met him and explained the plan to him, and then I called Ada, who was at home, and asked for her assistance. I told her that someone might come to buy the old fridge.

With everything set in motion, our friend went upstairs while I was also nearby but downstairs. She welcomed him and began showing him the fridge. At some point in the conversation, he asked Ada for a glass of water, and when she was getting into the kitchen for water, he just grabbed her from behind as instructed by me.

After a little dhakka mukki and resistance, he managed to put her hand on his giant tool and rest you know.

Her inner hotwife came outside and she too grabbed him and they both went to the bedroom for a nice session.

After foreplay, they started fucking and this was the time I went upstairs and rung the bell and she opened the door with her messed-up look which I like the most,

There was a moment of surprise and moans and much more. Unfortunately, this wasn't recorded considering the privacy of single friend and the anonymity of the plan for her, else she would've known by seeing the camera.

This spontaneous experience was one of our most daring and memorable adventures, and she was delighted by the surprise encounter.

But our story doesn't end here; there are many more exciting experiences to share with you. Stay tuned for more captivating tales.

Keep loving and keep sharing.

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1 Comment

Nov 23, 2023

Very hot

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