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Flashing in Manali - Extended cut!

Updated: Jan 31

On our recent trip to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, we tried some flashing and mild dares as we usually do.

There we stayed in a riverside camp on the first day, It was an open and secluded place to do some naughty things and heaven for swingers I must say. We went to the riverbank, clicked a few of her pictures in various poses and some with open jackets too exposing her bra out of it.

The next day, we went to Sissu for snow, there we planned some exposing stuff but it was too cold out there with freezing winds and also I forgot to charge my camera battery so couldn't click her beauty in snow but still, we manage to click some pictures with phone only, one picture from those can be seen down below in this post.

In the day end, we came back to Manali and stayed in a hotel property this time and clicked a few normal pictures there too.!

Keep loving and keep sharing....

  • Some from River side.

  • Some exposing moments.

  • Melting the snow.

  • And some indoor clicks

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Ravi Kapoor
May 03, 2022



Raghav kumar
Raghav kumar
Mar 07, 2022

Really Wonderful...she is awesome perfect sculptured....😍😘


Akshita Mehta
Akshita Mehta
Mar 03, 2022

Outdoor mei poora nude shoot karo


Feb 27, 2022



Laheri Gusai
Laheri Gusai
Feb 24, 2022

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