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I hate it when people think It's some kinda pain, I'm just loving it!

Updated: Feb 1

I'm yours.

The minute you told me to spread my legs and I did it, I was yours. When You told me to beg for it and I did, I was yours. When I put my hands behind your back without being told, I was owned by you. You never had to say a word. You just have to punish me that time in the way I love ..

There are times I'm kneeling out of obedience, reverence and respect, just to test your monster. Those are the times it is okay to stand above me and have me brutally.

My ass belongs to your that time, and I'll love being it destroyed by you. Cuz that is the time I deserve that, I'll moan and scream in a mixture voice or joy, pain and orgasm.

And that's the way I love being fucked most...

Keep loving and keep sharing-

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