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I'm not the best among others, I'm the only one of my kind!

Updated: Jan 31

Here we have another interesting story to share with you from the same hotel during the same stay.

After an enthralling photoshoot in the room, she was in the mood for more adventure. She decided to order something from room service.

As we waited for the food, she asked me to stay inside the washroom to avoid being seen by the room service attendant. She wrapped herself in a towel with nothing underneath.

As expected, the room service attendant arrived and rang the bell. After serving the food, he requested payment. She asked for a card machine to pay, and when he handed her the machine to enter the PIN, she intentionally dropped the towel. It seemed like an accident, but she left herself fully exposed in front of him.

The room service attendant was stunned and happy and the same time but stood still. She entered the PIN and retrieved her card, not bothering to cover herself with the towel to let the guy check her out fully from top to toe and from her pussy to boobs and ass, and she stayed completely naked until the attendant left the room.

When he was gone, I came out of the washroom, and we shared a joyous hug and a kiss. It was an exhilarating experience for us like never before.

But that's not the end of our daring stories; there are more exciting tales to come. Stay tuned and keep enjoying.

Keep loving and keep sharing!

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