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My cloths are nice but they'll look much better on your bedroom floor

I'm a ruthless queen in public, a charming horney princess in private.

You can grab Me by my hair, throw me on the bed, and rip my clothing off. Sure, you can tie me up, call me a '' or a '' and have rough with me. But for me, that is not dominance ... that's rough, maybe even harder as I like it to be. Or perhaps sometimes a true dominance is the ability to whisper in my ear then observe as I obediently remove my clothing. Methodically ... one piece at a time. Watching as I kneel before you offering m entire self to you. Willingly, without hesitation or reservation. I will show you my most vulnerable self without embarrassment or shame. You will know that nothing makes me happier than making you happy...!

NOTE - We're up for virtual sessions nowadays, also into real hookups without a couple friend. They can be reached on . Lesbo, solo, MFF, and MFF sessions are available on virtual and real hookups. Little prior notice and a little advance is mandatory to confirm the meeting.

Watch our new room service dare by clicking here.

With lots of huggs and kisses

Ada & Kabeer

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