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Our trip to Jim-Corbett - Fire in rain

Updated: Jan 31

That was the first time we visited Jim Corbett. Since we aren't safari lovers so we decided to stay in the riverside resort at the suggestion of a friend. It was a secluded place located at another end of the jungle, Thing I love the most about that area is there was no phone signal so were able to spend some quality time together. It was rainy season and luckily rain started when we entered the jungle and after that, it was raining all the time of our stay. Another thing we loved was, it was the off-tourist season so there weren't any tourists or travelers on the property except us so she decided to flaunt her beauty without fear of getting seen by anyone, due to the rainy weather, staff was also at reception only and no one was in main area or resort...

It was really a great time there, sharing pictures we clicked there, keep loving and keep sharing...

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