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Save water and Shower together!

Nothing can express my feelings better than this poem from my favorite author after my experience of having a nude shower in open area!

I thought to share it long back when I read it but I was waiting for a suitable series of pictures to share.

Sliding down the tiny droplets of water over my body,

My bare body makes it even hotter,

The mixture of body's fragrance with body's sweet taste,

It makes him go crazy as he holds me by waist,

Then he kissed me and touched me in the shower,

It enlarges his bone and blooms my flower,

The massages on the head and the back,

It relaxes my nerves and neck, The slow melodic songs with the candle lights,

It enlightens my mood for the sleepless nights, And my curves are full of his love bites,

Which I can't hide from anyone's sight,

We seem like totally out of control,

Leaving the body for the togetherness of the soul,

Keep loving and keep sharing.

Next part is coming!

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