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Skin is the best attire. Flaunt it freely

We've been part of this lifestyle platform for many years now, enjoying all sorts of fun, adventures, and experiences like naturism, swapping, threesomes, and more.

But at the end of the day, we're just a typical North Indian family, with kids and other family responsibilities to take care of.

For a long time, we've been wanting to plan a trip abroad, but it hasn't happened yet, and the reason is not financial. Often, our plans get canceled due to lack of time, sudden urgent matters, or not finding the right travel companion.

While we've met many fantastic people like you and made friends, there are very few people with whom we can actually talk and share plans.

After canceling many times due to these reasons, we're giving it another shot and planning a trip to Dubai or Thailand this April (hopefully it works out this time!).

If you have the same plans for traveling around the same dates or are interested in traveling with us, please reach out to us. And if you happen to be in either of those places, let's grab a coffee and make our trip even more fun!

Will post a mind-boggling story in our next blog, till that time, stay tuned. keep loving and keep sharing.

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