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That moment I strip before him for other men is always unparalleled!

Updated: Jan 31

Flashing for my husband is the ultimate way to seduce him(and others too). It is easy to dress provocatively for him alone or with someone in the room. But he gets supremely aroused when I do so in a public setting or send him nude pictures of me when he is away. He has to wait and endure my flashing as he anticipates when he gets the chance to fulfill his excitement later. There is something extra naughty when I expose myself in this way, knowing full well he can't just "take me" at the moment.

He never gets jealous when others see me flashing, but instead, he enjoys every moment I create for him by doing so. It can be by wearing a short dress or taking off clothes in a jungle and letting him click while someone is watching us doing so.

Of course, fully exposing my body at a nude beach excites me as much as him(ofcourse, we didn't do that too often as it's not so common in India).

Keep Loving and Keep Sharing!

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Ashir Ashi
Ashir Ashi
05 ธ.ค. 2565

I really admire your living style , thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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