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This is how she welcomed the new year!

Updated: Jan 31

As you all know we usually don't prefer parties and crowds and prefer a calm and peaceful environment but she had some another plan for this 31st eve. 

A few days before the 31st she expressed her desire to plan an awesome party on the 31st evening to welcome the new year in her way by doing a wild gangbang for herself where she can experience multiple dicks in a single night without stopping or without caring about time and rest things.

As a gentlemanly caring husband, I took the note and started sorting guys for the same and soon I selected 3 of them to plan the party. On the 31st evening, they all came one by one and I welcomed them and asked them to wait on the couch at our apartment while doing some general discussion while waiting for her as she was still getting ready for the night. 

After a little while she wore a sizzling hot revealing dress and showed up from the room in her jaw-dropping look. She sat on the sofa beside me teasing all of our guests by checking out my pants with her hand.  Soon one guest approached her by grabbing her back with his arms and kissing her neck from behind and shortly after that other guys also started touching and kissing her.

Shortly she was half naked surrounded by 4 guys and her boobs were rising the temperature when she asked all of the guys to move to the room because at this moment kissing and touching wasn't enough for her and it was the point of no return for her desire.

We went to the bedroom and she was like attacking the guys' dicks and started sucking them badly like a hungry lioness. In between she asked me to click a pic which you guys have already seen on Twitter/Mewe and I'm also attaching the same here down below in the post. 

after a little while one of the guys put on the condom and started drilling her wet pussy from behind in doggy pose while she was enjoying my dick with her tongue and the other two guys were kissing sucking her boobs and enjoying her naked body.

We all four took turns one by one but she was nowhere near stopping. But as you know, it's always the petrol which ends and not the road.

We all ejaculated but she was still hungry and here comes the most interesting and most dramatic part of her personality. She can keep enjoying as long as guys are in motion and she's having her pussy destroyed by a dick, but once it stops for a while, it's done for her and she doesn't believe in starting the moment again.

Thus she went to the washroom and it was a happy ending for all of us yet all of us wanted to drill her at least once more but due to her wish we all put on clothes and I asked the fellow guys to leave which they followed like a gentleman. 

We said good night to our guests although it wasn't 2024 yet and started drinking again, just two of us. 

So it was the adventure of Ada this new year, stay tuned for more of her encounters and adventure stories,

Keep loving and keep sharing!

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