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Vacation in Goa - 2

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

As I mentioned in the last post, we went to the beach on our first day of the Goa visit,

The next day we woke up early morning and decided to conduct a photo shoot in the pool of the property where we were staying.

She wore a bikini and start posing in the water, and I was clicking her, There was a young cleaner guy from the staff who was cleaning the stuff beside the pool. He started noticing her and and when she came out of the pool and posed in front of that guy, he was continuously cleaning the same table for 15 minutes just to stay close to her and eat her beauty with eyes only...

More about activities on that day in North Goa and the next day before leaving will be coming in the next posts so stay tuned and keep loving guys....!!

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4 comentarios

14 feb 2022

Wow looking so hot in this red bikini , plz share purchase link of this bikni

Me gusta

nexus ninja
nexus ninja
13 feb 2022

Wow..coulnt get better..cant help wanking off to Ada

Me gusta

13 feb 2022

Very sexy'

Me gusta

13 feb 2022


Me gusta
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