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Vacation in Goa final part!

Updated: Jan 31

Hey guys, we're back with the third and last post from the Goa vacation of 2019.

After spending the first day at the first beach, the second day at the resort, and 2nd beach in the second half, we again started our journey to the rest part of Goa, we visited a few beaches, but most of them were not too good. At last, we went to a beach which was not bad, but due to lack of information, we missed the main attraction of it and returned.

On the way to return, we noticed a beach that was quite secluded and was hidden from the main roadside. We parked the vehicle and walked to the beach it was awesome and the best beach ever we've visited in Goa, no Indian crowd was there, only foreigners. There we decided to stay till evening.

She charged, and we started enjoying and later started clicking pictures. It was dusk time which is called golden hour by photographers, and I clicked a few pics of her, her body was glowing like a gold statue. Child air and sea wave, wow what a moment it was.

In the evening when we were packing to go back to the resort, the waiter told us that it was gonna be the musical night and suggested we stay.

So we stayed, they removed beds from there and put chairs and tables and candles there, and a bonfire in the center.

Aah! Just imagine the moment, cool winds, the sun was setting down, sea waves were making a piece of awesome natural music and bonfire at the side, romantic music was playing, and people were dancing. It was the best evening ever for both of us so far. We were there till 10 PM, Now since we had to catch the flight, so we had to leave, the manager once again requested us to stay, even though we ourselves didn't want to leave, but we had to..!

Sharing a few clicks from that evening for you guys, keep loving, and keep sharing...

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