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Vacation in Goa part - 1

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

After an awesome visit to Goa in Jan 2019 we once again visited there in Dec the same year.

This time only we both trip to Goa whereas earlier we were there with a few friends. Since we already had an idea about location and properties, we chose to stay at a remote resort in North Goa. After our night stays the next day we took a bike on rent and started exploring beaches in North Goa. We'll share our trip details to all those beaches in the next posts, but right now we're going to talk about our first beach in Trip...

People usually keep asking us, where do you guys find places to wear bikinis and flaunt yourself,

On the first day, we went to a beach in North Goa and spent all day there, in the afternoon walked a couple of meters away from the beach on the cliff and clicked a few memories.

  • Kabeer - Behind the camera guy, this time came infront of her(the camera was on a tripod)

  • At the cliff

  • Some spalsh moments-

  • This is the flash where a white guy notices her posing nude-

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2 comentarios

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
12 feb 2022

which resort did you book?

Me gusta

12 feb 2022

Gorgeous shoots. Eager to know wht hppnd in part 2

Me gusta
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