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When she had it with a fellow flyer!

A few months back she was flying to Mumbai from Delhi for some work, I was busy with some work that's why she had to take the flight alone, in the morning I dropped her at the airport in Delhi and boarded the flight. On the flight, she sat beside this cool gentleman whom this story is about. He was a fitness model and was flying from Delhi to Mumbai for some of his shoots. Now if you know Ada, you already guessed how much she craves for handsome hunks and big dicks. Thus during that 2-hour long flight, they both chatted a bit and exchanged the telegram(which is obviously best for privacy)

But when she landed in Mumbai she made another plan, She called me like every decent wife and asked if she could fuck a stranger from the flight which I allowed for being a cuckold husband happily, Then she asked this gentleman if he was free for a while, they both went to her hotel and stayed together sometimes and had 1 awesome session.

They both went into 69 and then he fucked her in every possible position for at least half an hour, and during all that fucking, she kept me on call so I can hear her seducing moans and can masturbate in the washroom. After a while when he departed from the room, she called me again and shared her experience and asked me if I liked it. The next day she flew back to Delhi and we discussed the same again many times when I was fucking her.

There's more of her is yet to be shared so stay tuned!

Keep loving and keep sharing!

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