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Adolf Hitler Stimme Navigon palhil




um" is the German title of a song about a shoemaker who is in love with his customer's daughter. See the discussion at Donaldson 2005b:98. 55 On the polarity of wandering ( _Wanderung_ ) and fixing ( _Fassung_ ) as two sides of an inner-outer movement of self-reflection, see Dorp 2010. 56 _Hochzeitsgänserei_ : In the eighteenth century this was a standard brothel with a "calendar" listing of the evening's pleasures. 57 The _Antichrist_ in the _Buch der Welt_ (1617) is a literary work, though not primarily intended for the masses. 58 See Hans-Josef Steinmetz, " _Artifex als Weltmensch_ : Autorenreihe des'_Buch der Welt_'(1714–1717)" in _Philosophie und Literatur_, vol. 38, p. 3. 59 On the German term _Aristokratie_, see Dorp 2002:50. 60 See, for example, Herder's reference to "discerning monarchies" at _SV_ 299, p. 231, and Lessing's "Europe as a monarchy" at _EL_ §13, p. 50. 61 On the notion of transparence as an ideal of history in German eighteenth-century philosophy, see Dorp 2007a:91–95. 62 For more on Derrida's interest in the matter of proximity, see Dussel 2007:29. 63 See, for example, Lessing's "Idea of an All-Encompassing History" in _The Education of the Human Race_ (1781), in which he explains his demand for a universal history as one of "the most profound yearning" ( _Acherung_ ) of the human race, one that he will hear satisfied only in his own time ( _EL_ §5, pp. 30–31). 64 _Jörgens herrschaftlicher Freiheit, das ist, ein menschliches Wesen zu allgemeiner Kenntnis, wenn ich sie nicht in die Augen sehen lasse_ : This sentence was transcribed by me in a student



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